A New Year fast approaches

So, here we go again, another year over and a new one about to begin. I like that this year has a seven in it, this number has shown up in my life over and over and most times connected to good things; so I can only hope that this bodes well for me in 2007.

In the new year, I hope that good things will happen with this screenplay as well.  I am kind of at a loss as to what I should be doing to make it stand out more, become more in the public eye; but I will keep at this until I do. I have been reading many blogs by some outstanding business people concerning marketing a product. I am not a business person, and this all seems so damn hard to me, but I dont like quitting so I will keep reading until something makes sense.

I hope to see new readers here, and please feel free to discuss scripts, screenplay writing here. All are welcome and I know I can certainly learn from you all. 🙂




Happy Holidays everyone

Hello everyone, ready for the Holidays yet? I have chnaged the site’s look with this wonderful new template, and also with tunes, if you are interested in the new music, click the name above the player and sign up for your own :-).

I can see no new people have been here lately, which is sad. I wish I had some idea of what else to do about this screenplay, I would drive to LA if I could, and bang on doors myself. * this would be a wonderful excuse for me to go back home :-)* I wonder  if any producers come here???

Hello to any new readers

Far be it from me to admit defeat, but seems I must. I simply have no way to get this blog going. I have tried all I know how to do, and it seems this is not my thing. I will keep coming here and updating when I can, but with no information to post, seems a bit silly to write aimless posts.

I do know that if one would simply read the entire screenplay, you would know this is a good movie in the making. I wish I could get one single producer to read it, then I just know that word of mouth would get it the attention it deserves.

I am not the writer of this, in-case that was not clear, and if you are wondering why I am pushing this; simple – I am one – trying to make some money from doing this, and 2- I feel honestly that this is a great movie.

Can not be any more  honest about this.

If you have any questions about this screenplay, please leave word, and I will happily get you all the information you need, contact info for the Writer, what have you.

God Bless everyone

the past

Originally uploaded by anon nona.

This shot gave me a sense of some place that could have been a Club Everlong once long ago…….

November 2nd Thursday

I have spent the day seeking info on proper format for letters of inquiry for use in Submissions, and do not seem to find much, maybe I need I better search term to use. As for the status of the screenplay, i will have to post later after I have spoken to the author.

I hope that this blog and the yahoo group begin to see more activity soon. To everyone who is reading this, please post and let us hear what you think, 🙂

~ 🙂 ~

Posters, where are you?

I was hoping that this blog would become a home for all sorts of artsy types, writers, thinkers, you name it. I see I need to rethink how to advertise this blog, to get more people involved in it. So, tomorrow I will hit the Google search for “how to get more readers to come to your blog” entries. I still think that this screenplay has something new and interesting, I just need to learn how to get more folks to read about it.

until tomorrow

cheers ~ 🙂 ~