Jan 15th Monday

I have just signed in here after a long time away. Its been a learning curve for me to figure out how to run as many blogs as I do ( there are people who run more than I do !) I am having more success with my other blogs as far as readers because what I write about on those blogs has a larger following and my topics are more open.

Here all I can do is hope that my posts catch someones eye. I will begin linking from my other blogs to here in hopes of driving readers here. I will also try and get Mr GUidry to give me some heads up on what might be new in the life of the screenplay, as new information to post would be a help in the posts.



Well, as far as I can tell, folks are coming here, and the website, blogs and such are showing up fine in Google, I wish that someone would leave some kind of comments here, such as the sites construction, comments about the screenplay ( which is why the blog is here after all) something.

Here is the link to the Screenplay Synopsis once again, since it appears to be hard to find on this template. I had wanted to use a template that was appealing to visitors, since I have read its the first glance that makes one want to stay and read on, how the site looks. So I will keep trying to get the perfect template , but for now here is the link to the synopsis ~

Original Email from Mr. Guidry about Return to Everlong


I have noticed that the colors of the last theme made it a bit well, confusing to navigate; so I have switched to a more simple and yet colored theme. I hope that this makes a reader feel more at home, and inviting for comments.

I think I need to add that the Author is Micah Guidry, so we all know who is responsible for this screenplay 🙂

Also, now when one searches “Return to Everlong” on Google, there are two whole pages of hits possible! I am very excited, but I want to make that 100 pages!

November 4th Saturday

Spent the day trying to do a crash course in Advertising, not as easy as it should be to find info on-line. There has to be a way to make a bigger splash with this screenplay. Good news ( a bit anyway) is that I was on a very well read blog and left an entry for the Screenplay there.Robert Scoble of Scobleizer Blog, had a post on November 3rd, which said that if there were blog’s or things that folks wanted him to check out, to leave it as a blog post, to which I promptly left a post about this blog and the screenplay, so many thanks for Mr. Scoble having that post for us to reply to.

If you want to check this blog out, here is the link to the post mentioned above. 

If nothing else, it is an introduction to people who are not in the movie making business, rather the movie viewing business, and in the end that is who really matters when making a movie. And who knows, maybe a few future investors will read that post!?

Return to Everlong Synopsis

Success!!!! It worked, I am so happy, as you can see I am no geek; yet ;-)Please be aware that all content on this page is copyrited to Mr Micah R. Guidry, excepting comments made by visitors. The Screenplay is also registered with the WGA and copyrighted as well.

We need your help , please read and leave comments, helpful ideas, what have you.

Original Email from Mr. Guidry about Return to Everlong

October 14th Saturday

Good morning

Today is a cold but great day, I am in fine spirits and ready to get cracking on some more publicity about this movie. I wonder who I could email about it today? I think I will look at whose who in the big networks, maybe  someone there can help us out with some publicity????

I will be back later today, to edit this and hopefully either add in the synopsis here. If that wont work, then you will have to link to the yahoo group in the links section to see it. I will try to upload again here first.

many emails out

well, for a few hours today, i sat and wrote many emails to various production companies and such, asking about their policy on submitting synopsis and other written works. I am beginning to see how hard it really is to break into the movies. You never hear much about screenwriters, mostly you hear about the wanna be starlet, or star who is aching to be in movies. But I think its harder in some respects to be a screenwriter. Its definitly about who you know. I have learned so much in the last few weeks, I am not sure if this is something I could do as a profession, although i do like the research part.

I think I was born to do research, my lot in life. Anyway, lets hope we hear soon from many of these folks I emailed.

In case you do not know what I am talking about, please see the original post in the right side bar, it is the original email sent to me about helping get the word out about Return to Everlong, you can help as well.