About Return to Everlong

Original Email from Mr. Guidry about Return to Everlong

I have included a link posted above, with the original email I received from Mr. Guidry some days ago, which will explain this screenplay, and the help we need from you with this project.

If you would like to become involved and help us with this, please read the Synopsis to the right. It is downloaded as a Word Doc. Please remember that this Synopsis, and all information written on this website are Copyrighted to either myself ( my comments and posts) or Mr. Guidry ( Synopsis, original emails and the anything else of that nature).


2 Responses to “About Return to Everlong”

  1. frank32 Says:

    I saw the site, read the synop. Sounds super-cool! This would be one LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNG movie though! Ill see it.

  2. kystorms Says:

    welcome Frank32

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the synopsis, I will make sure that the script author hears about your comment, and if you know of others who are in the market so to speak to read and hear about a great new movie, please direct them here!

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