Hello to any new readers

Far be it from me to admit defeat, but seems I must. I simply have no way to get this blog going. I have tried all I know how to do, and it seems this is not my thing. I will keep coming here and updating when I can, but with no information to post, seems a bit silly to write aimless posts.

I do know that if one would simply read the entire screenplay, you would know this is a good movie in the making. I wish I could get one single producer to read it, then I just know that word of mouth would get it the attention it deserves.

I am not the writer of this, in-case that was not clear, and if you are wondering why I am pushing this; simple – I am one – trying to make some money from doing this, and 2- I feel honestly that this is a great movie.

Can not be any more  honest about this.

If you have any questions about this screenplay, please leave word, and I will happily get you all the information you need, contact info for the Writer, what have you.

God Bless everyone


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