November 4th Saturday

Spent the day trying to do a crash course in Advertising, not as easy as it should be to find info on-line. There has to be a way to make a bigger splash with this screenplay. Good news ( a bit anyway) is that I was on a very well read blog and left an entry for the Screenplay there.Robert Scoble of Scobleizer Blog, had a post on November 3rd, which said that if there were blog’s or things that folks wanted him to check out, to leave it as a blog post, to which I promptly left a post about this blog and the screenplay, so many thanks for Mr. Scoble having that post for us to reply to.

If you want to check this blog out, here is the link to the post mentioned above. 

If nothing else, it is an introduction to people who are not in the movie making business, rather the movie viewing business, and in the end that is who really matters when making a movie. And who knows, maybe a few future investors will read that post!?


2 Responses to “November 4th Saturday”

  1. brianfox Says:

    I am totally confused… what is this blog about?

  2. kystorms Says:

    Hello Brian

    This blog is about a screenplay called Return to Everlong, if you look at the top of the page, in my lastest post, there is alink to the email that Mr. Guidry sent to me and others, which also contains the synopsis of the movie. Give it a read, its an amazingly original script, the story is one I do not think you have heard or seen before. If you do read the synopsis, leave a comment here as to what you thought about it ok?

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