Posters, where are you?

I was hoping that this blog would become a home for all sorts of artsy types, writers, thinkers, you name it. I see I need to rethink how to advertise this blog, to get more people involved in it. So, tomorrow I will hit the Google search for “how to get more readers to come to your blog” entries. I still think that this screenplay has something new and interesting, I just need to learn how to get more folks to read about it.

until tomorrow

cheers ~ 🙂 ~


2 Responses to “Posters, where are you?”

  1. roger5601 Says:

    Well, looks like you guys are determined. Hey, it worked for blair witch and snakes on a plane. I honestly am interested in seeing this movie. Hopefully it becomes one!!

  2. kystorms Says:

    hello roger

    are you in some way connected to the movie business? thanks for the comment.

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