After last night with all the links I searched , and watching a truly bad movie called Stay Alive, I am beat. I will be posting some more links today sometime, but I would like to make sure that what I post is not only websites out to make money, such as anything to do with IUniverse. My father had the misfortune of having had to deal with them over a few of his books a while back, and I would not recommend them to anyone. I guess some folks have a better relationship with that company, I just dont like how they do business.

Anywho…. I saw today that more people signed up at the Yahoo group for Return to Everlong, that made me feel good. I hope that I can figure out how to get that group, and this blog into the promotion stage, so that means more reading of the FAQs here and at google. I belong to a couple of graphics groups that have talked about getting your website/blog up in the search engines, will have to go back and re read those posts.

until later, have a great day.


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